Travel, Europe, the Netherlands

by: Tsoi Wilson

Tuesday 14th of October 2003 12:20:47 AM

Train Travel

Dutch Townscape

A Boat in the Canal

A Bike on a Bridge


An Afternoon in Amsterdam

Canal Reflection

Dutch Architecture

Dutch Achitecture II

Strollin' in Amsterdam


A Dutch Night Scene

Amsterdam @ Night

"On the Way Home" (A Typical Dutch Scene)

"The End of a Day"

"Along a Canal"

"Reflecting on Vermeer"

"A Dutch Landscape"

"The Twilight Zone"

"Water Colors"

"A Lonely Windmill"

"Moonlit Windmills"

"Reflecting on a Sunny Day"

"Sky Homes"

"A Bridge to the Mill"

"Mr. & Mrs. Holstein"

"Two Separate Worlds"

"Personal Contemplation"

"Lets Go to the Mill"

"Sunset Reflection"


"A Dutch Countryside"

"Thirsty?" ( Click larger if very thirsty )

"Reflection of Alkmaar"

"All Lined Up"

"A Dutch Painting"

"Dreaming of Vermeer"

"A Quiet Ride Home"

"A Dutch Town" (Sepia)

"A Dutch Town" (Color Version, Soft)

"A Dutch Town" (B&W Version)

"A Dutch Town" (Color Version, Sharp)


"Abstractly Alkmaar"

"Last Light"



"A Melting House"

"Abstract in Alkmaar"

"Architectural Abstract"


"St. Nicolasskerk"

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