Travel, Europe, France, Paris

by: Tsoi Wilson

Monday 13th of October 2003 11:38:55 PM

A Little Church in Paris

Eiffel @ night

Hanging Out at the Tower

Chateau at Dusk

Morning in Amboise

Grapes, and....Mary Poppins?

Chateau at Night

At the Louve

Moonlight over the Louve

Glittering Tower

Notre Dame, a Bridge with a View

Raining in Paris

Walking the Dog

Eiffel Reflection

Sidewalk of Montmartre

View from the Tower

Rainy Night in an Alley

Another Rainy Day

Rainy Night in an Alley (Vertical)

Walking in the Moonlight

Pillars of Eifel

Glitters on the Hour

Speeding Clouds

Paris Metro

Reflection of the Louvre

One Morning at the Louvre

A Cool Afternoon...

Mini Pyramid

Round & Round

Birds and Master

Hôtel de Ville

A Bridge Over the Seine

Up On the Hill

Up on the Roofs

Standing Guard

Notre Dame Cathedral

A Night at Notre Dame

Lamp Post @ Notre Dame

A Night at the Louvre

Île de la Cité

Eiffel Admirers

Place de la Concorde

Saint Chapelle

Eiffel Abstract II

Wet Night at Monmatre

Joy Ride...

Up, or Down?

Round n Round @ Eifel

Artfully Forbidden

" Ile de la Cite'"

"Walking in the Rain"

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