JMT 2003

by: Ernst Brian

Wednesday 10th of September 2003 06:43:59 AM

Dave backside Mt. Whitney

Hitchcock Lakes View (2)

Hitchcock Lakes View (3)

Last glow... sunset at Marie Lake

Sunset alpenglow on mountain behind Marie Lake

Vernal Falls

Vernal Fall Rainbow

Moon over fiery clouds

Another shot of the setting Moon

Center Peak, late afternoon

Bubbs Creek near Center Basin

Morning Clouds near Center Basin

Clouds over Center Peak

Morning, Upper Bubbs Creek Near Center Basin

High Sierra Volcanic Eruption

Evening Alpenglow near Center Basin, JMT

Touristy shot while waiting to hike the JMT

Another touristy shot while waiting to hike the JMT

Dave atop Forester Pass, JMT

Center Peak over Upper Bubbs Creek

Ridge Of Gold

Evening Clouds Above Guitar Lake

Jim contemplates storm clouds at Guitar Lake

Pond Below Mt. Whitney

Evening Vista From Near Guitar Lake

Golden Ridge Above Guitar Lake

Evening View From Near Guitar Lake

Evening Skies - Great Western Divide

Timberline Lake

Jim Descending Forester Pass

Deranged at Marie Lake

JMT at Marie Lake

Plum Crazy

Our campsite at Marie Lake

Early Dawn, Outlet of Evolution Lake

Evolution Lake, Sunrise

Evolution Lake Sunrise

Post Sunset Taken From Outlet of Evolution Lake

Outlet Cascade From Evolution Lake

Mars Trail Over Evolution Lake

Sunset From Outlet Of Evolution Lake (1)

Sunset From Outlet Of Evolution Lake

Wide Angle View, Sunset Evolution Lake Outlet

Jim Pauses Trailside, Garnet Lake

Sunrise, Hitchcock Lakes

Early Morning, Hitchcock Lakes

Shadow Creek and Volcanic Ridge

Early Morning Glass, Thousand Island Lake

Pond Between Dollar Lake and Arrowhead Lake, Rae Lakes Basin

Our Camp At Marie Lake

Evolution Valley Sunset

Jim and Dave Hike On Toward Forester Pass (northside approach)

Pond Between Dollar Lake and Arrowhead Lake, Rae Lakes Basin

Pond Near Rae Lakes

Dave and Jim atop Pinchot Pass, High Sierra

JMThree Atop Pinchot Pass

Fin Dome over S.F. Woods Creek, Rae Lakes Basin

Jim Atop Pinchot Pass

Jim Hiking Near Cathedral Peak

Dave Crossing Evolution Creek

Cathedral Lake

McClure Meadow (1)

McClure Meadow (2)

Dave Crossing Evolution Creek (2)

McClure Meadow (3)

Jim Crossing Evolution Creek

Cathedral Lake Afternoon

Dave Hiking Trail To Rae Lakes

Ridge approaching Forester Pass, JMT

Ridgeview, Approaching Forester Pass

Grouse Meadow, Kings Canyon National Park

Windy Flowers, Grouse Meadow

Middle Rae Lake, Kings Canyon National Park

View of our camp at Evolution Lake

Evening At Evolution Lake

Evening At Evolution Lake

Evolution Lake Outlet, Late Evening

Jim, Closeup, Top Of Pinchot Pass

Dave, Closeup Shot, Upper Kern Basin

Flowers Under Banner Peak

Evening Storm Clouds Over Ridge Near Thousand Island Lake

Evening Storm Clouds Over Ridge, Thousand Island Lake (2)

Little Pete Meadow (2)

Little Pete Meadow (4)

Little Pete Meadow

Marie Lake (1)

Jim at our Marie Lake Camp

Jim's Hotel

Marie Lake (3)

Heart Lake (1)

Heart Lake (3)

Tarp Life, Cooking Breakfast at Thousand Island Lake

Life is good®!

Evening at Marie Lake, Panorama

Dave and Jim Prepare For The Soon-To-Come Rain

Last Of The Alpenglow

Yet Another View Of Marie Lake Evening

Afternoon on Marie Lake

White Socks, or JMT Tan?

Highest Marmot in the Lower 48?

Mountain Behind Marie Lake - Afternoon

Mountain Behind Marie Lake - Evening

Marie Lake Evening

Marie Lake Evening (3)

Shoreline Trail, Evolution Lake

Trail Beaten

McSnore Meadow

Mt. Mendel Reflections - Looking towards our campsite, evening on Evolution Lake

First Trailside View of Garnet Lake

Jim Finishes Filtering Water, Evoluton Lake Evening

Looking up at the Evolution Peaks from McClure Meadow

Jim and Dave making their way down Woods Creek

Looking Towards Donahue Pass from the Lyell Fork

Jim Enjoying The View From Near Our Camp, Lyell Fork Of The Toulumne River

Silky Falls, Woods Creek

Middle Fork Kings River Between Little Pete and Grouse Meadows

Little Pete Meadow

Waterfall descending from Ladder Lake

Evening From Our Campsite At Lyell Fork

Near the Outlet of Evolution Lake

Dave and me celebrating atop Glen Pass

Forester Pass (1)

Jim descending down Forester Pass

Jim and Dave at Trail Camp under Mt. Whitney

Jim's broken trekking pole

Rainy morning on top of Seldon Pass

Marmot near Trail Crest

Kaweah Ridgeline from Wright Creek

Dave "The Human Pumpkin"

Trail Crest - Another Milestone!

Golden Trout From M.F. Kings River

Trailside Sunflowers

Dave and Jim hiking through Evolution Basin

Jim, Myself,and Dave at Muir Hut

Sunset, Middle Rae Lake

Pond near Evolution Lake

Dropping into Tully Hole

Jim ascending out of Lyell Fork meadow

Jim at Cathedral Lake

Jim hiking out of Sunrise Camp area

Looking back down on Lyell Fork

The Muir Hut Gang

Middle Rae Lake, Evening

Jim and Dave at the inlet of Evolution Lake

Middle Rae Lake from the JMT

Jim at Marie Lake camp

Jim Hiking Towards Island Pass

Morning Mist on Lyell Fork Tuolumne River

Ground view of our camp at Lower Palisade Lake

Evening Alpenglow over Mt. Mendel

Mt. Mendel Alpenglow From Evolution Lake

Jim Filtering Water From Duck Creek

Shadow Creek, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Fiery Clouds At Sunset

S.F. San Joaquin River (2)

Wide Angle Skyview

Misty Morning, Lyell Fork

Wright Creek, High Sierra

Western Sky From Wright Creek

Alpenglow on Mt. Whitney

Mountains All Around Us!

Evening Alpenglow

S.F. San Joaquin River

Camp Near S.F. San Joaquin River / Piute Creek

Purple Lake

Purple Lake

Tully Hole

Ascending Towards Glen Pass, Rae Lakes

Center Peak over Bubbs Creek

JMT Near Island Pass

Lembert Dome Alpenglow

Tuolumne Meadows Evening

Evening - Tuolumne River

Tuolumne Meadows Evenng

Buck near Vidette Meadow, JMT

Waterfall Near Outpost Camp

Me On Whitney Summit

View Through Pinnacles, Mt. Whitney Trail

Looking Through Window Between Peaks, Mt. Whitney Trail

Hiking Near Bighorn Plateau

Lyell Fork Meadow

Meadow Near Wright Creek

Banner Peak Clouds

Jim Descending Into Shadow Creek

Echo Peaks

Jim Hiking backside of Donohue Pass

JMT Between Donohue Pass and Island Pass

Jim Hiking Under Cathedral Peak

Mt. Ritter, Nearing Island Pass

Waterfall from Evolution Creek into Goddard Canyon

Our Campsite, S.F. San Joaquin River

S.F. San Joaquin River

Shadow Creek near Minarets

Looking down on Lyell Fork Meadow

Jim descending Woods Creek

Waterfall on Woods Creek

Alpenglow on peaks above Marie Lake

My tarp at Marie Lake

Trail View, JMT at Marie Lake

Evolution Lake Morning

Evolution Lake Outlet-Morning

Hiking through Bighorn Plateau

Hiking near the upper Kern River basin

Painted Lady above Rae Lakes

Self Portrait hiking up Forester Pass

Tulainyo Lake from summit of Mt. Whitney

First light on ridge behind Mt. Whitney

Great Western Divide from Mt. Whitney

Great Western Divide Catching Morning Light

Rae Lakes Basin

Center Peak (1)

Center Peak, Cloud Afternoon

Self Portrait, Upper Bubbs Creek

Meteor Storm?

Thousand Island Lake - Morning

Near Big Pete Meadow, Le Conte Canyon

So far, so good!

Meadow at the head of Evolution Valley

Dave at outlet of Evolution Lake

Evolution Valley from Evolution Lake Outlet

Evolution Peaks Silhouette

Hiking Towards Little Pete Meadow

View of Little Pete Meadow from JMT

Morning skyview from our campsite on Mono Creek

The JMT above Vidette Meadow along Bubbs Creek

Descending Towards Trail Camp

Descending Mt. Whitney

Jim Pausing At Trail Crest

Mt. Whitney Trail Below Trail Crest

Consultation Lake and Owens Valley From Mt. Whitney Trail

Looking Down Towards Vidette Meadow

Fin Dome Over Lower Rae Lake

View North From Muir Pass

Dave and Jim on Forester Pass

Jim checks out the southward view from Forester Pass

Happy to be up on top!

Too much film on my hands!

No Cutting Switchbacks Here

Charlotte Lake from the JMT

Jim Descending Southside of Glen Pass

Post Sunset at Lower Palisade Lake

Alpenglow at Lower Palisade Lake

Moon over Lower Palisade Lake ridge

Sunset on Palisade Peaks

Alpenglow on Palisade Peaks above Lower Palisade Lake

Late Evening From Lower Palisade Lake Outlet

Flower at Thousand Island Lake

Looking Down on Rae Lakes while ascending Glen Pass

Mountains Over Marie Lake

Jim Checks Out Le Conte Canyon Cascade

Wide Angle View, Rae Lake

Afternoon on Lyell Fork of Tuolumne

Heart Lake from above

Jim on JMT alongside Heart Lake

Nearing Marjorie Lake / Pinchot Pass

Descending Upper Le Conte Canyon

Painted Lady / Upper Rae Lake

Upper Kern Area

McClure Meadow Panorama

Sneaky Marmot at Trail Crest trail junction

Jim and Dave hiking on ridge towards Forester Pass

Upper Bubbs Creek

High bench between Guitar Lake and Timberline Lake, looking west

Last of the evening light, near Guitar Lake

Last meadow before Forester Pass (north side)

Photo of rocky Guitar Lake

Jim nearing Donohue Pass

We gotta go up that?

Pond near trail towards Forester Pass

Always a good sign to see!

Boat shuttle across Thomas Edison Lake

Dave crossing "The Golden Gate of the JMT"

Hiking through burned section of trail

Evening sky from our S.F. San Joaquin River camp

Wide Angle View, Approaching Evolution Lake

Yellow Flowers

Wright Creek

Looking Back On Palisade Lakes

Jim Hiking Near Sunrise Camp

Jim Hiking Along Lower Palisade Lake

Camp at Evolution Lake

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