New York

by: Walker Clay

Thursday 31st of July 2003 10:21:33 PM

Spalding Gray, monologist & actor


Riding in the snow.

Day of Outrage II

Marlee Matlin, actress

Day of Outrage III

Sunday in the Park

Garden Street

Jesse Jackson

Me and New York City - (Part 1 of several to come)



Poughkeepsie Child

"Timelapse" self-portrait of me and New York City

Life is Good (LG)

The Gates

Kit's New Do


Pooh Bear 1 of 2

Pooh Bear 2 of 2

Missing (1 of many)

Girder Cross


9/11 Piper

"Untitled" (work in progress)

bike messenger


Ground Zero Press Conference

Spiegelworld - Eyewash - Suspense

parking deck

Richard Gere

Coney Island boardwalk

Smiling Pizza


"1,000 March in Poughkeepsie in Support of Tawana Brawley" (lead by Alton Maddox & Al Sharpton)

ACT UP Demonstration 3 of 5

ACT UP Demonstration 1 of 5

ACT UP Demonstration 3 of 5

ACT UP Demonstration 5 of 5 David Serko

ACT UP Demonstration 2 of 5

David Byrne

last time I used a valet


David Dinkins, Dr. Lenora Fulani & Jesse Jackson - 1988

Hal Hartley at "Ned Rifle" Premiere


West Village

Rooftop sculpture - West Village

Empire State Building view


Laurie Anderson, Brooklyn 1988

Richard Gere, Brooklyn 1988

Last ray of sunlight on the Statue of Liberty Red Hook, Brooklyn - April 25, 2015

thinking inside the box

One World Trade Center at sunset

man rides unicycle around prospect park at warp speed while juggling 3 pins

Daniel Radcliffe taking selfies with his fans

unknown wedding party in Washington Square

#notphotoshopped !

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