Tanzania - Kilimanjaro

by: Bal Sam

Wednesday 5th of February 2003 02:17:57 PM

Kilimanjaro, as seen from an East African Airways Fokker F-27 passenger airplane flying between Nairobi and Moshi

Kilimanjaro, as seen from the town of Moshi

View on top of thunderstorm as seen from slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro, at an altitude of 3 750 m

When there was still a lot of snow & ice on Kilimanjaro,37 years ago..

Mawenzi peak of Kilimajaro Massif

happy climbers on their way back against backdrop of Kibo

Giant groundsels high on the slope of Kilimanjaro

Kibo Summit of Kilimanjaro, as seen from SE

Kibo & Mawenzi Summits

Kilimanjaro towering over sloping farmers fields, "shambas"

sun setting over Kilimanjaro, as seen from Moshi

Kilimajaro Kibo Summit, seen from SW

Kilimanajro as seen NW from Moshi

Kilimanajro's southeastern footslopes

Kilimanjaro seen from bushland to the SE

Kilimanjaro as seen from the south, at about 200 km distance

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