Single Photos

by: Laverdiere Marc-Andre

Friday 28th of June 2002 07:05:40 PM

My cat

Fountain at the Confederation Park at night

Classical view: Parliament and Chateau Laurier separated by the Rideau Canal

Statue to the Veterans of the first world war

Picture of a tree in my parking lot which I fooled around with in Paint Shop Pro. Used Solarize and Hot Wax effects

Olympic Stadium. I used a despeckle effect and I tweaked the color levels to give the image this surreal look.

Historical building owned by Concordia University, Montreal.

My cat lying under the shade.

My cat outside. Used an engraving effect with grayscaling.

A grafitied wall next to a small patch of green in downtown Montreal.

Butterflies mating, shot at Carleton University

Butterfly by the window

Architectural contrast: The US Embassy and a Scotish Castle

Angels at the top of the Veterans' memorial, one step overexposure

Memorial to Human Rights, overexposed

Confederation Park fountain, two steps overexposure

A pretty lady I met at a party...

Fireworks at Canada Day

Double exposure of fireworks at Canada Day

The show's setting at the Parliament for Canada Day

The RCMP Musical Ride performing the charge for Canada Day

Digitally edited to enhance the grain of the picture. Taken during the QiGong CD launch.

Soldiers clapping the beat of the bagpipes as they walk to the change of the Guard to Parliament Hill

Inversed picutre taken with a tranlation of the camera

Montreal City Hall

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