Portraits of Interesting People

by: Rowen Bob

Wednesday 6th of March 2002 02:40:24 AM

Amy - a favorite portrait done in the mid-1980s of a now notable author & columnist when she was a teenager.

Ali - one result of a delightful sitting to create a zed card for this New York City teenager.

Ted - a charming and enthusiastic subject. This was one of a series of military history scholars. Ted wrote a notable work on the Pacific War from the Japanese viewpoint.

Lewis - An eager subject, both intense and focused. From a series of sittings of military history authors.

Serge - old and dear friend (he introduced me to my wife). Also grandson of the Czar's last ambassador to Korea and Argentina, we met in the US Army German Language School in Augsburg.

Colin - 13 and a shot he hopes casting directors will like.

Kathy - historian, leader, unfailingly polite and charming.

Sheldon - bright young man, graduate student in international studies, son of an army pal.

Quenia - Brazilian dancer, teacher, a delight to photograph.

Derk - the most cosmopolitan person I know. A friend of 45 years, always full of humor and charm

Philip - a man of talent and perception. And a good friend of 37 years

Jonathan - intense young man: scholar, student of the armies of the world. Intention here was to do something other than a symmetrical passport photo. And perhaps provide you with a split-second meeting with a bigger-than-everyday-life character.

Self-portrait of the photographer worried whether all the slave strobes have fired.

Jeremy - NY character actor. A gentleman of charm and talent.

Alicia - from the portfolio I prepared for her. Many kinds of beauty in one woman

Rufus - Broadway actor, writer of thrillers, Board member of The Players, wonderful advisor on matters theatrical. This is his new headshot.

Karen - Russian/German/Basque, options trader and animal lover, Karin is beauty and brains.

Chris - Young man with a future in acting

Kay - old friend, fellow NYMAS Board member, commander in the US Coast Guard Aux. That's five rows of ribbons and awards.

Jerry - accomplished actor with a one-man show. Aiming here for the role of mob boss.

Lauren grew up in international communities in SE Asia with American school administrator parents. This is an experimental zed card I did for her.

Lauren again - in one of my favorite shots

Roni and Rudi - a headshot for Roni turned into my favorite husband & wife portrait

Sally - a real, full-time working NY actress. She said, "This is the way headshots should be done".

Karen - closeup

Karen - with the Archangel from a Russian icon

Roberto - Golfer, singer, a man of talent and charm

Madelene - model from Moscow

Valentina - model from St. Petersburg

Gordon - Harvard grad, military history buff, a civilized man.

Iris - sings alto,speaks with authority, great decorator, friend

Nikki - professional model, nice kid

Theo - actor, wood craftsman, great subject

Kat & shawl - makeup artist, poet, both serious & charming

Eugene - attorney evolving into a military historian and teacher.

Donna - early portrait with watercolor effect

Norman - he's published 35 books on world history and naval strategy.

Terry - actress, a combination of forthright, sweet and charming

Nick - bright and humorous

Ae - professional model, beautiful and sweet soul

Damien - CD cover I did for this talented R&B musician

Alicia - shot at this runway model's 208th fashion show

Jack - singing teacher, singer, choral director

Debra - the next Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett?

Yamil - new actor in NY, great to work with.

Tobey - from New Jersey - unbounded enthusiasm

Yannis - young actor on his way.

Tonya - in the stars.

Austin - costume designer, bright young man about town, as Oscar Wilde must have seen Dorian Gray.

Ivys - NYC meets Venezuela

Renelson - a gentle giant.

Shana - bright and focused.

David - brilliant lecturer in military history.

Caitlin - early teen on her way to real roles.

Friendly - Who says you can't have a serious character portrait of a non-human?

Kali - rising young executive

Piper - student, model, pro photographer, woman

Andy - bright young man in real estate

Alyssa - with Russian roots, young actress & model joins the NY scene

Steve - Bachelor from Jersey

Denise - New York actress

Cledwyn - a man of gentle charm from Guyana

Mila - young, professional, poised.

Denton - funny, endless energy, great shoot. Thanks for the change of pace Denton!

Rose - pro NY model from west Africa. From Splashlight Studios shoot with ringlight for the best skintones ever.

Jeremy - a working actor, several years after my first shoot with him (below).

Maria - attorney and then Captain, now Major, NY Militia. From a shoot for photo for this promotion.

Evan - new NYC musical talent. Strictly studio blue screen plus Photoshop.

Nicole - very young, very lovely. Hair and makeup by Lacy.

Logan - heads a southern CA electronics company and happens to be my cousin

Kam - a NYC actress

Michael - a NYC actor...and a bright and charming guy

from Splashlight shoot

Austin - our 2nd shoot, after Austin achieved fame

Kailin - Chinese-born NYC businesswoman with bright prospects

Bill Thompson - from shoot for his official portrait. Bill is the comptroller of our town (NYC)..

David - the father of the history of cryptography

Zarita! - an accomplished actress in multiple languages

Suzanne, a fine-looking lady with an impressive intelligence.

Tom Fleming - noted author of dozens of books of history and historical fiction. From a shoot for...

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