Negril.. Thanksgiving 2001 group..D7

by: Blackburn Ken

Tuesday 18th of December 2001 02:46:13 PM

Curt Parasailing

Me taking a picture of the wife taking a picture of me...

Me coming in to land

They made us swim back

Good thing we had plastic for the cameras

The wives in the water.. Must be warm.

Pondering the meaning of life?

The wife.. I should have used a stronger flash setting.

The wife being daring.. Into the deep water

Wife and sunset. One day I'll figure out how to take these kinds of pictures.

Shelling.. You'd think they were gold

During our private diner on the beach. Damn palm!

More from the private diner on the beach

The wife before dessert

Mark-the heavy hand bartender-, Juicy-the do it all grounds keeper-, and us. These guys take care of everything

Juicy.. making sure everything was ok.

Another night of preparing.. Do you detect a pattern here? This dude lays around all day, how can he be tired?

Lori back in the water.. From a kayak

My buddy and his wife in the sunset.

This lights the way to a good beach bar

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