Rome, Italy - 2001

by: Nicholls Kyle

Wednesday 12th of September 2001 06:58:31 PM

Corrado and Kaarin 1

Corrado and Kaarin 2

Kaarin on boat

Kyle and Danny

windows by colosseum

Forum columns

Rome soccer team!

Kaarin - Kyle nxt. to Forum

Kyle - taken by Danny on Arturos terrace


Colosseum detail 1

Colosseum detail 2

Colosseum detail 3!

Roman Forum

Roman Empire circa ?

Forum detail

Kaarin in the Forum

Luck of the Trevi Fountain

Kaarin, Danny, and Kyle at Trevi fountain

Dunkin Dougnuts at the Trevi Fountain :(!

Bikini Kaarin!

Captin Corrado!

Arturo and Kaarin

Arturo imitating Kyle

Self portrait


View out to terrace

Rome - Campo dei Fiori

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