by: Chakravarthy Kamala R

Friday 5th of January 2018 05:06:43 AM

Morning sun and a view from the porch

Sunset and Kids on the pier

Homeward - I

Homeward - II

Homeward - III

Homeward - IV

Homeward - V



Abandoned old house in Xela, Guatemala

Abandoned old house in Xela - II

Colorful street in Flores, Guatemala


Art gallery, San Juan, Guatemala

Narrow lane in San Juan, Guatemala

"Chicken Bus" travel experience, Guatemala

Chicken Bus, Guatemala

Clouds, lake, mountain, sunset

Clouds, lake, mountain, sunset B&W

Home before dark

Good look at the washed coffee beans

Work at the coffee plantation

Above the canopy - Temple III, Tikal

Above the canopy - Temple I


Homeward VI

Home before dark II

Race.... may be..

Homeward VII

Yaxha - East temple, north acropolis

A view from "The Lost World (Mudo Perdido)" , Tikal

Above the canopy - Temple III

Temple II Tikal

Temple I, Tikal

Lake Yaxha from Structure 216

View from structure 216, Yaxha

East Temple viewed from North Acropolis - Yaxha

Before dawn



Tuk-Tuks (Auto Rikshaw)

False Window.. Flores


Homeward VI in color


Sunset on Lake Atitlan

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