by: Kelly Landrum

Monday 11th of July 2016 10:03:03 AM

Where Faeries Play

Women's Discount Warehouse: No Refunds, No Returns

Breezeway, 2005

Sunset, McCormick, SC, 2002

A Minor Falling Out (B&W)

Please Fasten Your Lunar Belts and Check to See That Your Seat Backs Are in the Upright Position

After the Concert, Livingstone College

Window and Piano, Statesville, NC First Baptist Church

Peggy, Talking About Her Dogs

Waltz of the Sugar Plum Coal Cars

Salisbury Depot on a Friday Night

Railroad Crossover at Night


This Road Goes All the Way to the Peach Moon (It really does)

Another Beauty Shop Saturday Night at 114 1/2 W. Innes St. (Please click on photo to view larger)

National Cathedral: Worship Service at the Golden Arches Temple III

Sky on Sunday Morning

Two Sides of a Small City (Please click on photo to view larger)

Warehouse After Midnight--original file resized

Haunted Corner

Kudzu Walk at Cateechee Mill (2005)

Summer Breeze, Make Me Feel Fine (even if there's a tornado in there somewhere)

Old House, Walhalla, SC, October, 2012 (Black and White)

Watch Your Step on the Way Out

Imminent Nightfall on Monroe Street


Faux Full Moon (hand-held)

W. Fisher Street, Salisbury, North Carolina (Sepia--LARGE FILE)

Truck in Green Tunnel

Buildings from Back Alley at Night, Clover, South Carolina (B&W, 1024x717)

Women in Dark Alley, Clover, South Carolina

Law Offices from Alley at Night

Rainy Night with Car

Livingstone College at Deep Dusk: Lights from Within

Where the Wild Things Are (Sumac Under Bridge, Lake Tillery, North Carolina)

Peggy's Porch III


Starship Station Echo (Please view larger)

Starship Station Echo III (aka 'Pick Up Styx') [Please view larger]

Pants, Trees, and Cacti

The Banana Split II

Delicacies (Please view large)

Mural, Clover, SC 2011

Moon and Street Lights at Deep Dusk II

Reclining Nude

Where the Wild Things Are (B&W, Inverted)

Cool August Afternoon

Dove and Bricks

Hole in My Heart

Marlboro Man, Oak Hill, NC

Marlboro Man II

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