Asia - Indonesia - MacCluer Gulf & Port of Kokas 16&17th

by: Downs Jim

Wednesday 27th of April 2016 11:34:47 PM

West Papua, Indonesian Villager

West Papua Mating Ritual?

MacCluer Gulf Islets

Indonesian Stick Dancing

MacCluer Gulf Fog Bank

Paleolithic Indonesian Rock Art

Kokas, West Papua, Indonesia, Stilt Village (large for detail)

Indonesian Festival Ornament (see large)

Under Patronized Inter-Island Water Taxi

40,000 year-old Paleolithic Rock Art Site - Discovered by 18th C. European Explorers (large)

40,000 year-old Paleolithic Rock Art in Eastern Indonesia (large view)

Backdoor Seaside Deck

Sea-grass harvest and drying in Kokas, Indonesia (Large for Detail)

The Story of the World - Light & Darkness (see large)

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