Asia - Southeast - Indonesia - Moluccas - Ternate

by: Downs Jim

Wednesday 27th of April 2016 11:12:59 PM

Benteng Tolukko - 16C. Portuguese Fortress - pls. see large for detail

Indonesian Armadillo Skin Avocados (see lge)

Budding Hair Stylist

Northern Moluccas (large avail.)

Chanel in Indonesia via China

Red & Yellow Market (large available)

Ternate, Indonesia Mosque

Moto-taxi Drivers (large available)

Warning: Don't Like Busy? Then, it might be best to skip this one. View large to see 'busy'...

Cruise Ship Greeting Committee (lrg. pls.)

Minarets & Cell Towers (large view kind of crucial)

Indonesian Siesta (large for detail)

Clean Cut

Fishy Scene (large please)


Laundry Inspection?

Ternate, Indonesia Cruise Ship Terminal

The Sultan's Palace

Ternate Islander

Molucca Straits

Gamalama Volcano

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