Asia - Southeast - Thailand - Chaing Mai

by: Downs Jim

Monday 31st of August 2015 05:11:02 AM

Hippo Breath (larger)

Vertical Ascent (larger)

Ceremonial Offering (see large

Festival Smiles (enlarge)

Offerings (see large)

Elephant Art Part II

Elephant Art

12C. Thailand (helps to see large)

Lantern Maze (see larger)

Lamphun, Thailand Temple Complex (larger)

Thai Ceremonial Dancer (see large)

Wat Phratat Hariphunchai Voramahvihan (larger)

Festival Faces (larger available)

Wat Chedi Liem - SE of Chiang Mai

Offering to the Tall Buddhas



Droopy-eyed Sentinel

Enlightened Disciples (Large for brush detail)

Votive Offering at Local Temple Ruins (lge. avail.)

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