Latin America - Columbia - Cartagena

by: Downs Jim

Wednesday 14th of January 2015 10:38:53 PM

The End of the Rainbow (enlargeable)

Spanish Colonial (enlarge)

Catering to the Fruit Tooth in All of Us

Colonial Cartagena


On the Road

Two Views

Sneak Peek into the Dressing Room

A Cartagena Botero

Upside Down Double Rainbow (larger for detail)

Seeds & Beads (enlarge)

Cartagena Cathedral (see big for details)

Wavy Balcony (enlargeable)

Fruit Stools (larger available)

Balcony Garden (large available)

Cartagena Balconies (pls. view large)

Look But Don't Touch (enlargeable)

Upstairs Garden (see large)

Brightly Colored Cell Phone

Vigilant Guard Dog

Colonial Era Altar (large available)

Full Plumage (see large)

Cartagena Sunset (large available)

Bell Tower & Dome (pls. see larger)

Confident Stride

Sidewalk Garden

Stack of Balconies

Musical Trance

Street Serenade

Top Floor Sanctuary (larger available)


Colonial Era Bell Tower

Wedding Entourage (large)

Colonial Ballroom (large)

Cartagena - the old city (larger)

Villa Garden

DSC03120 (larger available)

05375-2-Pls. see large

Colonial Veranda (larger available)

Colonial Cartagena Belltower

Contemporary Cartagena (larger available)

Breezy Veranda (larger available)

22-29 (large available)

Balcony Patterns

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