N. America - USA - CA - Redwoods NP region

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 14th of August 2014 10:47:48 PM

Exit Into the Pacific (enlarge)

Dappled Sky in a Redwood Forest (enlarge)

Peer Support

Xeriscaped California Bungalow (enlarge)

Lane Through the Redwoods (enlarge)

Sentinels along the Road

Fallen Redwood #2 (enlarge)

Light on the Forest Floor

Man Against the Sea (enlarge

Fallen Redwood (enlarge)

Humboldt Redwoods SP

Fallen & Standing

California Victorian (enlarge)

Curved Saplings

Uprooted Redwood (enlarge)

Unfamiliar Terrain (enlarge)

Redwood Forest in B&W (enlarge)

Redwoods - Towering & Toppled

A Century of Upgrades (enlarge)


Forest Floor on Sunny Day (please view larger)

DSC02477 (enlarge)

Eureka, CA Victorian

Fern Canyon. in Redwoods NP (enlarge)

Dense Stand of Redwoods (please view large)

Undiscovered Picnic Table (larger)

Foggy Morning in Redwoods NP

Redwoods NP (enlarge)

Obstructions (enlarge for detail)

Fern Creek Bank (enlarge)

Redwood Treetops (enlarge)

Coastal Bouquet on Forest Floor (enlarge)

Eureka, CA Harbor at Dusk (enlarge)

Redwood Trunks


Making Sure Dad Got the Shot

Toppled Redwood on Forest Floor (enlarge)

Elk in Redwoods NP

Prairie Creek Redwoods SP (enlarge)

Dragonhead (enlarge)

Forest Path

Dog Walks Man (enlarge)

Ferns & Moss Amid Redwoods

Seclusion in Redwoods NP

Sniffing or Grazing? (enlarge)

Encounters with Lightening Strikes

Fallen Redwood Root Ball (enlarge)

Forest Floor - Redwoods NP

Elk Crossing (enlargeable)

United We Stand; Divided We Fall (enlargeable)

Floor of Ferns (enlargeable)

Fern Canyon in Redwoods NP

Backward Bareback Bruin Rider

Redwood Stand

Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox (enlarge)

Redwood Undergrowth (enlarge)

Leaves of Green (enlarge)

Forest Scene (enlarge)

Fern Crk. - Redwoods NP


Creek Crossing on the HIgh Road (enlarge)

An Elk & His Fly Friend (enlarge)


Upper Reaches of Redwoods (enlargeable)


Young Redwoods

Stately (larger available)

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