Latin America - Panama

by: Downs Jim

Monday 7th of April 2014 03:29:10 AM

Two Guys & Their Puppy

Bridge of the Americas @ Panama City (enlarge)

Panama Canal Transit (enlarge)

Panama City Colonial Doorway (v.2.)

Come to Jesus Bus Graveyard (enlarge)

Panama City Colonial Doorway (v.1.)

Panama City Colonial Doorway (v.3.)

Puente de las Americas (enlarge)

Colonial Panama City

Panama City Skyline

Bus Art (enlarge)

Bridge of the Americas (enlargeable)

Miraflores Lock (enlarge)

Up the Down Staircase

BioMuseum by Gehry in Panama City (enlarge)

Panamanian BioDiversity Museum (larger view)

Bio-Diversity Museum, Panama City (see large)

Pan American Hiway Bridge Over Panama Canal (large available)

Gehry in Panama City (enlarge)

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