Latin America - Bolivia - Potosi

by: Downs Jim

Saturday 18th of January 2014 03:27:06 AM

Potosi Lady

Potosi & Cerro Rico Mtn. (large view please)

Potosi, Bolivia Rooftops

San Francisco Convent in Potosi (large)

The Walk Home

Beginning a 12 Hour Day

Rite of Passage (enlarge)

Bolivian Miners (enlarge)

Contemplating Life as a Miner

Bolivian Tavern

Potosi Roofwalker (enlarge)

Postosi, Bolivia (enlarge)

Silver Ore Processing (enlarge 4 detail)

Road Most Traveled (enlarge)

We're betting it is a girl.

Bolivian Silver Mine (enlarge)

Convent Rooftop (see big)

Point Well Made (enlarge)

Potosi Rooftops (enlarge)

Bird Seed Merchant (enlarge)

Sidewalk Chatter.

3 beers & 2 wires (enlarge)

Bolivian Baroque (enlarge)

Rooftop Trails (enlarge)

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