N. America - Canada - Manitoba (Winnipeg/Churchill)

by: Downs Jim

Saturday 7th of December 2013 09:16:01 AM

Canadian Museum of Human Rights - Winnipeg

Geometry of Winnipeg

Manitoba Capitol Dome

Frozen Skyscraper

Winnipeg Museum of Human Rights

Shades of Grey

Main St. to Mod St. (color version)

Main St. to Mod St.

Happy Face (large available)

Short of the Runway

Spin Dry (pls. view large)

Fishing Buddies

Hudson Bay Belugas (large)

Face Fishing

Mother & Cubs (pls. see large)

Canadian Winter

Canadian Human Rights Museum


Beluga Whale Pod

Fracked Window Panes (enlarge)

Gateway to Churchill, Canada



Fort Prince of Wales - Churchill (enlarge)

Northernmost Lemonade Stand in World? About 58 degrees north.

Manitoba Capitol Dome

Contemporary Canadian Architecture (enlarge)

Manitoba State Capitol (enlarge)

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