China - East - Anhui (Tunxi, Xidi, Hongcun, Nanping,Tangyue)

by: Downs Jim

Tuesday 16th of July 2013 12:27:59 AM

Back Porch

Tangyue Village Ming/Qing Arches

Tangyue Village Canals

Xidi Lagoon

The Ming & Qing Arches at Tangyue (larger view)

Courtyard Doorway in Tangyue (large view)

Toll Booth on Abandoned Rural China Bridge. (larger available)

For Hire

Tangyue Lagoon Reflections

Midday Reflections

Tangyue Canal Reflection

Teahouse Over the Canal

Tangyue Teahouse

Budding Artists @ Hongcun Village (view large)

Hongcun Lagoon Reflections

Aspiring Artists (large view available)

Tangyue Village Arches (large view)

True Confessions in Yangjie

Chinese Doll Shop in Tunxi, China

Smithfield Hams in China

Earnest Conversation

Chinese Village Rooflines (view larger for intricate details)

Red Light District

Sketch Pad

Hongcun Pondside Cafe

In the Absence of a Cart

Village Street Food - east central China (large view)

Ming-era Latches (large view available)

Faces of Huangshan

A Pretty Chinese Face

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