China - North - Inner Mongolia (Ejina QI)

by: Downs Jim

Tuesday 16th of July 2013 12:22:34 AM

Juyuan Lake Sunrise - Gobi Desert

Ejina-Qi River

Inner Mongolia Autumn at Ejinaqi

Inner Mongolia Goatherder

Sheep Corral

Shepherdess Tending Her Flock

Afternoon Delight (part 1)

Afternoon Delight (part 2)

Ruling His Roost

Gobi Desert Caravan at Sunrise (large view)

Tending Her Unruly Flock (large view available)

Saddle Adjustments at First Light (view large)

Tending His Herd (larger view)


Enjoying the Fall Color

Apprentice Shepherdess

Dune Ribbons

First Light on a Gobi Desert Caravan

Touring Heicheng (Khara-Koto)

Extended Embrace in the Strange Forest

King of the Log

Chinese Tourists Visit Gobi Desert Ruins

Desert Shepherd in Inner Mongolia

Gobi Desert Caravan near Ejina Qi

The Strange Forest of Ejina Qi, Inner Mongolia

Bee on a Bactrain Camel

Last Light on Gobi Desert River (see large)

Morning Stroll in the Gobi Desert (see larger)

Ram on His Roost

Autumn Poplars in the Gobi Desert (see large)

Shifting Sands in the Gobi Desert

Sunrise Sand Bowl in the Gobi (large)

Gobi Desert Caravan

Sunrise on the Gobi Desert (see large)

Gobi Desert Fortress Ruins

Sunrise on Gobi Desert @ Ejina Qi

Don't Upset the Apple Cart (pls. view large)

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