China - SW - Dongchuan Red Lands

by: Downs Jim

Monday 15th of July 2013 11:53:11 PM

China's Dongchuan Redlands

Happy Hour Toke

High Plateau Farming in the Redlands (larger view available)

Farm Mechanization in China's Redlands - 2012 (see large)

Dongchuan Red Lands (view large)

Mail Order Chicks in China

Dongchuan Farmer - end of day pipe (larger)

Village on a Plateau (please view large)

After School Noodles

Dongchuan Redlands Mechanized Farming (pls. view large)

Potato Harvester in Dongchang (see large)

Separating the wheat from the chaff or whatever (see large)

The Aesthetics of Porn

(Larger View) Dongchuan Redlands Crop Fields

Field Trip

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