China - SW - Dali

by: Downs Jim

Monday 15th of July 2013 11:51:33 PM


Dali, China - Old City Gate

Everything's Fresh

Chinese Christian Enclave

Rooftop Garden

Street Merchant

DIY Fisherman

Curbside Vegetable Wash

Fully Occupied

Dali, China City Gate (large view for detail)

Shirking Modernization

Cross-Generational Wardrobes

View from Above (larger view available)

Fisherman's Assistants (view large)

Mosque-side Hoops (view large)

Corner on the Egg Market

Saftey-tested Playground Equipment

Happy Meal

Baisha Senior

Cormorant Fishermen on Ear Lake (Er Hai)

Naxi Lady

Remembering Mao in Baisha

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