Single Photos II

by: Kelly Landrum

Sunday 21st of April 2013 09:05:34 PM

Bill Describing the Way Things Used to Be

Preparing for the North Carolina Research Campus: Kannapolis, NC 2005

Weather Closing Down, Hobson Road

April Meadow

Curve, Foster Road, West Rowan County, NC

I-85 Near Charlotte

Country Road at High Noon

Looking North by Northeast Up Foster Road (at Foster and Hobson Roads)

Wheat Field After Sunset

Curve, Foster Road, West Rowan County, NC III

Green Light, West Fisher Street, Salisbury, NC (Please View Large)

Subtle Late Afternoon Light: The Steele House, Salisbury, NC

Highlands Highway

The Little House in the Daffodils (Last Day of Winter 2013, North Carolina Style II)

Morning Glory Wall, Walhalla, South Carolina

Truck on Winding Road, Walhalla, South Carolina

Old School, Oconee County, South Carolina

Across the Tracks: Test of Nikkor 17-35mm on D800E

Alto-cumulus Sky in June

Another Rainy Day

Magic Bunny Lane

Old Country Road

Monuments to the Missing, Livingstone College

Blue, Brown, Grey, Silver, Green, and Black

I-85 Near Charlotte

Mall and Clouds After Rain

Spring Advances (Please view large)

I-85 Near Charlotte II

Crossing, Sloan Park (Earth Day shot made with my phone)

Used Car, Cheap, Good Tires, Cosmetically Challenged


Los Arcos, Gastonia, NC

Outside Los Arcos After the Rain


Broken Puddle (B&W)

Steps and Puddle

100% crop from "Steps and Puddle"

Pipes, Steps and Puddle

Private Drive II

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