Old and almost private (converted from slide to jpeg)

by: barros joao

Tuesday 25th of December 2012 09:34:13 PM

USA/ Manhattan (1976)

Africa/Ghana (1977)

USA: New York/Sunrise at Hudson river/Twins (1976)

African young mother (1977)

African portrait (1977)

USA/New York: Myself at the Hudson river (winter of 1976)

"America it's beautiful" (1977)

Africa/Ghana (1977)

Africa: Monrovia/Liberia (1977)


Bus to New Orleans (USA - 1977)

Africa/Ghana - young mother (1976)

Myself crossing the Atlantic ocean for the first time: all the world to discover! (1976)

My wife (Sahara oasis/ Algeria- 1981)

Tuareg children (Sahara - 1981)

Myself crossing the Atlantic ocean using a sextant to calculate the ship's position (1976)

Myself at the southern part of Africa: cape of Good Hope/South Africa (1977)

"Praia Amélia", my first trawler: steering in South Africa waters (1977)

MS Polo Norte (1977)

Fishing in Mauritania waters (1977)

Myself in Abidjan/Ivory Coast (1977)

"Praia de Algés", my second trawler: at Las Palmas/Canary islands (1978)

MS Cabo Juby (1977)

Buenos Aires/Argentina (1977)

Myself with "Jack", he was "my baby" chimpanzee for a couple of months in Africa (1977)

"Jack", he was "my baby" chimpanzee for a couple of months in Africa (1977)...

"Muxima", my first cargo ship (1976)

COLD, very COLD in the USA! (1976)

One more sunset for me at the Atlantic ocean (1977)

Africa/Ghana (1977)

Steering to Baltimore/USA (winter of 1976)

"Muxima", my first cargo ship (New York/winter of 1976)

"Marcarlos", my last ship: ready to leave from Portugal to Newfoundland/Canadá

Canadá/Newfoundland - portuguese codfish trawler (1984)

Myself in Morocco (1981)

Algeria - Me and my wife at the Sahara dunes (1981)

Myself in Tunisia (1981)

Africa/Algeria - Sahara desert (1981)

Atlas mountain - Morocco (1981)

Senegal 1976

Ghana?...Ivory Coast?...I don't remember...

"Regular" city bus ...

Our vehicle (Toyota 4x4) crossing the Sahara desert (37 years ago)...

Sahara desert...

Sahara oasis

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