Color -- Then and Now

by: Crosley John

Friday 14th of September 2012 06:08:17 PM

Pipes (irrigation) Pajaro Valley

Cala lilies, front porch

Maria and Iceplant flowers, Pajaro Valley

Succulent, my garden

Jetty Fishing, Moss Landing, CA

Off for a Drink

Poultry dinner, hanging in three, Temple Street, Hong Kong

Street Chef, Temple Street, Hong Kong, Clay Pot Cooking

Street vendor, Temple Street Night Market, Kowloon, Hong Kong, S.A.R., China

Kisses, Frankfurt

German Brown Bread

Warehouse and smokestacks

Man and Dogs

Gas Bottles and Boat

Boat Hull and Brace

Duck Dinner


Wharf Laughter!

A Mote Moment

Boat Works

Boatyard wrenches

Boatyard Paints

Portrait of McDonald's Customer (Best View Large)

Daffodil Before Dawn

Wife Killer -- Author (Focus on Embers)

Eyes in Next Booth

Boatwright Surveying Work


Fleur Oiseau de Paradis (Bird of Paradise Flower)

Post and Oak Tree

Tulip Sexuality

Mother and Daughter (Brain cancer victim on holiday)

Dogs Tired!

Bum or Artist? You Decide

Working Hands

Artists In Residence

My Top Model!

They Call Him "Red"

Warehouse and smokestacks (foggy)

Road Kill! (Caution! May Be Unsettling)

Nascent Bud

Rest Stop Dignity

Threes (Winter Wheat--Yakima)

Umpqua River Bridges, Oregon (View Large)

Watch Those Lines! Steelheading the Kalama. (VIEW LARGE FOR EXPRESSIONS!!)

Rudeness with panache?

A Beautiful Windowsill -- German Style

Begging Before God Nike

That's VERY UnGerman!

Sidewalk Slalom -- Wipeout!

Parisian merchant and mannequin

Beauty In a Smile -- Ukraine

That Felt Good! Let's Say Goodbye Again!

Boat Owner

Hohner in Hamburg

Rest at Roissy (Charles de Gaulle Airport)

Ukrainian Day Military Marchers

An Unnerving Presence . . .

A Bite and a Smoke -- New French Style

Ghostly Beauty!

Sierra Waterfall After Sunset

Hungarian Woman, Native Costume

Umbrella of Hamburg

Hohner and Hand

A Little "Stiff" (Pose and Poser)

Street Contrasts of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine City of over 1 million

Dinner Companion avec Champagnsky

Sunrise Over the River Dnieper

Portrait and Pattern


Rain by the Bucketsful!

Alms On Church Steps -- Munich

Olya, Budding supermodel

Jean and His Newly-Refinished Doors, Paris


Brooding (Brando; Cascade Skies)

Bayou on the Range

Impressionist Elk at Play

Bite the Bird!

Da Dee! (Shriek!)

Glasses -- The Dream and the Reality

Mannequin, Vienna Airport

The Fool!

The 'Eye' of Anna

Graffiti Grandma

The 'Lips' of Anna


"Hi" from Anna!, Odessa

Olena (What More Need Be Said?)

I Just Drank Your Blood!!!

My Favorite Holiday of All (For Reasons Depicted Here)

Devil's Delight (and sinful pastries) Hoffman's Bakery, Santa Cruz

Felon -- Broken Bone Record Holder -- Biker -- Nice Guy (Now)

"Buddy, Do You Have a Ticket to 'Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas?'"

Devil's Eyes on Hellcat's Bike

Morning Scene (Kiev)

Walls and (dilapidated) Rooftops of Odessa, Ukraine

Olena II

Street Scene, Odessa, Ukraine

'Don't Look Back, I Think We're Being Followed!'

Weathered Buildings, Winchester Bay, Oregon

Along the Mighty Columbia

The Hairdresser Salon

'Shrooms, Pt. Lobos, CA (Tree Variety)

Drive Thru! (The Dilemma!)@-j-c-n

Nelia -- Beauty and Hard Work Combined

'Let's See, Next Were the Onions'

Mary-Kate Did What?

Nouveau 'Doggie Style' (Even Elves Do It)

Grain, Grain, Grain

Rule of Fourths (Home Depot Delivery)

The Snow Princess

Not All 'Old Salt' Fishermen are Grizzled

Product and Potential Customer (Ukraine)

Baker -- One Loaf a Day@-j-c-n

Good News Guys! (Watch the Razor Wire!)

Captain 'Tom'


Summer Storm, Grand Tetons

Life: Movies vs. Reality -- 'Funny and Charming'@-j-c-n

Surveying the Sewer Backup

Boat Brace and Sculpted Steel Hull

Who Left This Bowling Ball in the Derelict Boat in the Front Yard? -- Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

Making His 'Move'

The Ice Cream Smile (Waiting Impatiently for Adulthood)

The 'Hook'

Roberto, the Guy at the Gas Station

Ira, first studio lights, first pro model, test shoot, hour one

The Fire: Directing Water Spray by Remote Control

'Incognito' (Fresh Daily)

'Guitar For Dummies'

Streets of Santa Cruz

Streets of San Francisco -- Cable Car and Buena Vista Cafe@

'I KNOW You Can Hear My Thoughts'

The Skateboarder (A Beggar in Thailand)

Duty Free Shopper (Study in Contrasts)

Motorcycle Driver For Hire (Traffic Jams Disappear If You Don't Value Life Much)

Street Vendor -- and Polygon

Smiles (Bet You Can't Not, Yourself)

The Painting Copyist (Study In Threes) (Please View Large To See Third Portrait)

Billboard and Man (Color Ed.)

Smiles in Bangkok

Birds and Reflections, Elkhorn Slough, CA

Ooof! (Thai Boxing)

Saleswoman and Ware

Everything In Place/The Precise Moment

Odessa Hotel

Light at the Top of the Stairs

Heavy Laborer With Sun Protection, Bangkok

Walking the Dogs

'The Battleship Potemkim Massacre' to An Exuberant Daughter -- Odessa's Steps


'Wheelchair Dreams'

After School Is Out**+ *@-j-c-n


Storm Surf, Pt. Lobos (Monterey County) California**


Closing Time

The Kiss ** *@-j-c-n

Civic Pride -- Civic Shame (Bag Lady)

Seaside Symmetry With Pedestrians II (Color)**

Where the Tears Fall**

The Bus Station -- Please View Large **

Sad Eyes of the Street Vendor**+

Refreshing Pause on the Street

Retail: The Ideal and the Reality**+

Sasha -- The Taxi Driver**

The Shop Window and Shopper**+

Journal Square**+

Mr. Hemingway meet . . . uh . . . Mr. Hemingway **

Springtime Boat Ride** *

Impressionist Elk at Play II

Sailboat Stern -- Detail (Compass, Tiller and Decoration)**+ *

Pink Robert

Gloaming on the River Dnieper

Bikers to the Death!!!

The Bar Scene (Miss Apple Valley, First Runnerup)**

A Real Teddy Getting Ready For a Snooze

The Apples of His Eyes

'Lou' The Greyhound Bus Driver On Break

Temptation in Thailand (Girls for Guys -- No Strings Attached) *@j-c-n

The Flower Vendor *

Fatigue -- The Universal Denominator of Travel

Pizza Peppers, Parmesan and Passerby**+

Craning For Position**

Red, Blue, White and Black**+

A Portrait Beyond Blue**+

Ghosts on the Waterfront (Odessa)**

United States of Petroleum+

The Stopover

The Minor Leagues**+ *

A Face In The Crowd**

Life: Movies vs. Reality (Ole)**+ *@-j-c-n

Compare and Contrast**+@j-c-n

Tour d'Eiffel par Nuit (Eiffel Tower by Night)**

Paris Metro Through My Camera**+

The Joke (color edition)**+

'Heartbreaker': Seeing Eye Dogs Have Their Limits

Pluie a Rue de Rivoli (Rain on Rivoli Street), Paris

Guys, Feeling Uncertain About Your Sexuality?**+

The People's Patriotic Party (Line)**+

Parisian Interlude**@j-c-n

Just Us Girls**+ *

Woman in the Window, Odessa, Ukraine **

Strawberry Fields (And Plastics) Forever (III)**


'Over the Edge' (Photographing Bryce Canyon, Utah)**

Look Girls, a Good-Looking Guy!**+ *

Bumblebee Landing on Flower (Best Viewed Large)**

The Finishing Touches

Is That a Modern-Day Toulouse-Lautrec on the Left?**+ *

A Mother's Attention**+

'First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby With . . . ' Old Song **+ *

Through The Looking Glass**+

Three Points of View** *

'TWO'CHAY (Touchee)**+

'Male Dominance Comes With a Price'**+

The 'Tango' Started As a Male Dance

The Evening of 'Long Knives'

Day's End -- Harbor's Mouth (View 'Large' Please)**

Strawberry Fields Forever (IV); The Ace of Spades ** *

The Wall (No Nudes is Good Nudes) **+

Parisian Artist Andre Has a Brainstorm, But He's 44 Years Too Late (and $117 Million Too Short) (Apologies to the Estate of Andy Warhol)**+

'Did I Tell You the Story About . . . ?'**

Three Generations -- Three Aspects (Viewpoints)

The Sex Shop: No Actual Persons Depicted Herein (Advice: Contains Depiction of Partial Nudity)**+ *

Hopital des Enfants Malades (Sick Children's Hospital), Paris

Contrasts: Man and Child

'Leaving Las Vegas' -- Three Viewpoints

No Comment (Enjoy!)

"I Beg to Present to You, Japanese Style 'Adult'."

'Oasis Motel'

Red, Rushing

Dolce & Gabbana, Paris: My View

Tango Time

Midnight Supper (Dinner with the Models) II

'Burning Man'

'About to be Lionized'

Mickey D's (Abroad)

The Delayed Departure to Yalta (The Hands Tell the Story)

Making a 'Beeline' Home

The Cripple and the Concert

Shorebirds and More Birds (Pelicans)

The Mean Streets (IV) - LA's South Central District

'I'd Rather Be in the Crowd'

The Outside of the Looking Glass Looking In

Evaluating the Candidate

Paris -- One Man's View

The Silver (and Blue) Flute

Red, White and Very Blue

The Corner Bus Stop -- L.A.'s Mean Streets

'Some People Just Can't Resist'


The Passerby

'The Heartbreak of Psoriasis (and other things)'

Study in Twos

'I'm All Twisted Up Inside'

'The Way We Were'

The Lock Shop

All for Vanity

'The Brood'

'The Hand'

Passenger Sniff Test

France's Women of Stature: Then and Now

'I'm Forever Blowing . . . '

'Home(less) of the Free'

What's Goin' On?

This is Obama?

Homeboys in Gangland

Red and Yellow

Full Palette In the 'Hood'

The Advantage of Being Human

Public Place; Private Moment

Two Old Dudes: Study in Brown, White, and Blue

Parallelism -- Heads in Hands

Lunch -- Dinner ---- Seafood Cocktails

Cupids Seem About to Miss Their Mark

Warm and Cold Hands

The 'Hood'

The Barrio

This is CHAPPELL . . . . (Nebraska, USA)

Weight Watcher

That Ritzy Hotel: 'May I Take Your Luggage?'

'A Little Brushup'


Timing is Everything (Sometimes)

My Whimsy (II)

The Man Passing By

Look Out Below!!!

Zoomin' Past the Shrooms

'The Tire Guy'

The Chill of the Night

Hail the 'Hood'

The Real and the Surreal

Crossing in the Rain

Passing By (Color)

The Locomotive

Pretty in Pink and Pastel

Cleanup at 'Johnny Rockets'

The Sunburned Pizza Hawker

California Beach Chic -- Still Life at Venice Beach

The Bus Transfer Point

Hollywood Boulevard

'Funny, I feel like having the fish for once . . . I don't know why . . . '

The Devil's Color

'The Notice' and 'The Workers'

Street Vectors

'Art School, Down Argentine Way'

Right Angles and Roundness

'A Cautionary Tale'

'The Country Mice Go Home'

Still Life with Fruit

The Flu: Suddenly the Opposite Sex Doesn't Seem So Important

'The Audacity of Age'

'No Walk in the Park'

Happy Holidays (Each Figure Precisely Placed)

The Gallery (Color Ed.)

"Passing Through 'The Toddling Town'"


'The Muslim in America'

'Chaos of the Amusement Park Disco'

'The Professional Photo Judging'

'Three For Dinner'

'Three Women (II)'

'That'll Teach You to Tease Me'

The Slide (Part II, Color Ed.)

'The Bone-Drenching Summer Thunder Shower'

'Tribute to Seurat, Pointillism and Impressionism'


'The Benediction (Blessing) For Dropped Alms'

'Watch Your Back When Photographing!'

'The Bus Stop (II)'

'Contemporary History: One (Street) Artist's View: (How's It Working Out?)'

'The Joy of Life II'

'My New Years'

'Tattoo Man Strikes Again' (Color Ed.)

'The Radish Baba'

'If They Were Wings . . . . '

'Boatwright Sunset: A Man and His Doppelganger'

'The Family of Man - My View'


'The Smart Phone and the Older Generation'

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