CAMERA TEST SHOTS--KODAK DCS PRO SLR/n (with some Canon 5D II counterpoints)

by: Kelly Landrum

Wednesday 14th of March 2012 12:27:00 AM

Lonely Bird at Dusk--Experimenting with an Old Kodak DCS PRO SLR/n (2004 vintage)

Lone Blackbird in Deepening Dusk (100 percent crop on larger version)

Third Creek Presbyterian Church (Organized 1774, built 1835)

Third Creek Presbyterian Church II (Organized 1774, built 1835)

Sign for Third Creek Presbyterian Church

Third Creek Presbyterian Church Windows and Door

Sunset from Foster Rd., Rowan County, NC

Looking Southeast from Foster Road, Rowan County, NC

A Rare Flat Area in Rowan County, N.C.: Looking East from Foster Rd. Near Sunset

Weather Coming!

Clouds to the West from Hobson Rd.

Cirrus Plume Blown from Thunderstorm, Seen Looking Overhead Well Before the Storm

Storm Coming

Weather Closing Down, Hobson Road (B&W)

Storm Coming II

Meadow Curves (Shot with Canon 5D II for an informal and rough comparison with the Kodak)

Expanse: Looking South by Southwest Down Foster Rd. (at Foster and Hobson Roads)

Expanse II: (for context only) Looking Almost Due East from Foster Road Near Hobson Road

Meadow Curves II

Meadow Curves Center (Canon 5D II version, April 6)

Meadow Curves Center (Kodak-Nikon version, April 13)

Meadow Curves Center VERSION II (Kodak-Nikon version, April 13)

The Good Earth: A Rare Flat Area in the Upper Piedmont of Western N.C. (Please view large)

The High Plains of Western North Carolina?

Trees and Meadow

The Old Dogwood at Sunset

Curve, Foster Road, West Rowan County, NC II

Friesian Stallion Strutting for Lady Friend

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