by: Kelly Landrum

Friday 30th of September 2011 06:19:26 PM

Students Walking at Livingstone College

Power Lines

Transformer and Power Lines

Wet Pavement (B&W)

Matchstick Telephone Poles and Other Things: Looking South on U.S. 601 Toward Salisbury

Clouds in the East at Sunset

House and Clouds at Sunset, September 11, 2011

House and Clouds at Sunset B&W, September 11, 2011

Country Road in the Rain

Country Road at High Noon II

Old Home Place

die Bayerische Artefakten: Christopher Plummer as Captain von Trapp

Old Building at Night, Clover, South Carolina B&W

Fence and Churchyard, Clover, South Carolina

Iconic 1992 Honda Accord I

Iconic 1992 Honda Accord III

Street Panorama at Night (Please view large)

Moon and Street Lights at Deep Dusk

After the Storm

Irish Potato Road in Light Rain II

South Campus Buildings II (Please view large)

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