Europe - Western - Germany - Berlin & Wittenburg

by: Downs Jim

Wednesday 21st of September 2011 09:18:29 PM

1936 Olympic Stadium

The Lipstick Church @ Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial


Luther's Haunts

Market Square & City Hall - Wittenberg

View from Tower of Castle Church - Wittenberg

The Bode Museum - Berlin (larger view)

Sunny Day in Berlin (larger view)

Berlin Cathedral & TV Tower (view larger)

Brandenburg Gate - Berlin (large view)

Restoration of the Pergamon Museum (larger)


A Leap & a Bound (larger view)

Berlin Germany Museum

Inside the Berlin Train Station (larger)

The Berlin Train Station (larger view)

Museum Colonnade

Stacked Rolls

A Girl & Her Doll (larger view)

Rent a beach chair on the banks of the Spree.(larger view)

Berlin Cathedral (large view for detail)

Berlin Olympic Stadium (big view available)

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Dueling Gods of Classical Mythology (large view for detail)

Contemporary German Romanticism (large view)

Reflecting on the Meaning of It All

Berlin 1936 Olympic Stadium (lg. view available)

The Spree River Winding thru Berlin

Cafe Culture in Berlin

Urban Flow (large view available)

The Reichstag - Berlin (larger view)

Why Is This Woman Smiling

Berlin TV Tower at Dusk (larger available)

The German Reichstag - (larger view available)

Berlin Panorama (larger view available)

Berlin Panorama (larger available)

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