Trains 2009 - 2013

by: Loya Duane

Friday 22nd of July 2011 05:15:20 AM

Railroad Car 004

Railroad Car 008

Railroad Car 006

Train 4000

Trains in Flint, MI

This train is moving on the tracks going about 35mph as I took the shot.

Trains in Grand Rapids Ohio.

Trains in Grand Rapids Ohio

Trains in Grand Rapids Ohio, as you can see I was fighting with the Sun in all these shots.

Trains in Grand Rapids Ohio.

Trains in Grand Rapids Ohio

Inside one of the old train cars,

Cuyahoga Valley - Engine 1293






NewCVSRTrain new Train in the collection ~ 2011

Kent, Ohio June 2011 Grain Silos

Puffer Belly Back by the Tracks

CVSR Abandon Car

CVSR Abandon 6146

Kent Train Winter 2010

Jaite Tracks

Old Train Bridge Sepia Toning

Garbage Cars Sepia Toning

Cleanest Train Close-up

Cleanest Train

Y Tracks

900 Mad River Museum 2011

Diner Car

Empty Track

Crestline Round House 2011

MRR Train

Mad River Railroad Museum SnowPlow

Mad River Railroad Museum

765 Bridge Cuyahoga River


4241 Cuyahoga Valley

Boston and Main

Bridge River Train

Chesse System


CVSR Abandon Train

CVSR Car 2

CVSR Car 004

765 by Bath RR X'ing

V Train Sepia and Color

Empty Track

Inside Train Station Kent

Jaite Bridge in Color

Jaite Bridge 003 Sepia 01

Jaite Bridge 004 Sepia

NKP 765 in Color


Jaite Bridge 040 Sepia

NYC Subway 2004

Side Wheel

Switch Sepia Color

Train On Track


V Train 002

V Train 003



Boston and Main 6141 for FB

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