Only Canon SX30 IS ~ 2011

by: Loya Duane

Tuesday 7th of June 2011 04:22:59 PM

BlueHenFalls 2011 ~ Canon SX30 IS Digital Only

Della and Allison

Mansfield Grain Silos downtown ~2011

OldHouse ~ 2011


Bleeding Hearts


First Sun Set of 2011

Light House 2011

Rocket Day 2011

Heidi Mentor Beach

Our Secret World 2011

Bird Cuyahoga Valley

Turtle First

Turtle Second

Cleveland 2011

Top of Train Bridge


The Moon

Old Wagon

Tomb Stone

Romantic Steam

Sailing On Lake Erie

Sunset Light House

Yellow Boat

Perry's Monument 2011

Three Flags

Fire Works 001 2011

Tracktor 2011

Life Boat

Boat Lake

Boat and Sun

Dark Sunset

Ship River

Sky Set

Sail boat


Banks of Erie

Banks of Erie

Flag Sign


Light House Fairport Mainland

Light House Fairport Break wall

Joseph H. Thompson Jr.

Light House Top

Sail boat East Side of Mentor

Perry Nuke Plant and Break Wall

Morris ~ Minor 1000

Morris Minor 1000 in Sepia Toning


Rib Burn Off

Lead Guitarist ~ Danny Chauncey of .38 Special

38 Special Lead Singer Donnie VanZant

Morris Minor 1000 Smith Speedo

Morris Minor 1000 Inside

Morris Minor 1000 Hubcap

Morris Minor 1000 Windshield

Morris Minor 1000 Front

Morris Minor 1000 Engine

Morris Minor 1000 Right Fender and Wheel

Morris Minor 1000 Back

Scale 2011

Water Lily

Boat and Men

Free Smells

Flower 2011 001

Flower 2011 002

Hocking Falls 001

Hocking Hills 002 Reflections

Hocking Lower Falls 001

Hocking Middle Falls 001

Sun Trees Cliff 001

Water Pattern 001

X11001M Interesting Delta

Falls 001 BWM Hocking

Hocking Falls in Color 001

Mushroom 001

Mushroom Red 001

Over spill 001 BWM

Stairs 001 BWM

Kent Bridge River 001

Images Kent PufferBelly 001

Minor 1000

I Spy

Morris Minor 1000

Morris Engine BW

Morris Engine Close BW

Cemetery Angel

The Outlook Kendall Park

Kendall Lake

The Web

Wet Fuzzy Thing


Close and Personal ~ Fall 2011

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