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Agfa Agfachrome RSX II 50 Professional

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I just used a roll of this film. What is strange is that is was supposed to be

a landscape film. But some photos with flowers and nature were almost

without grain, but the ones with sky and sunset are pretty grainy. Not

disturbing but grainy. This is bizare for an ISO 50 film, isn't it?

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I have not used Agfa Agfachrome RSX II 50 before and I acknowledge

to be a beginer in using slides. Does Velvia have the same effect in

giving grainy skies? What about Kodak saturated films?


Also, I have taken some pictures of sunsets, taking a read from the sky

and thus underposing the foreground. The underexposed part came

grainy. Do all the slide films give the same "result"?


Thank you.

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I think you should try E100G/GX, Astia and Provia 100F. They should produce skies with much finer grain. Of course, there is also Velvia, if you like that kind of stuff.


I think the RSX II series isn't really that good a film as it has a lot of grain. I liked the original RSX though but not the present one. In medium format though, the grain consideration drops out of the equation so there it becomes a nice landscape film.

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I did a film test last year to determine which film to use for a bikini swimwear company calendar. The requirements were accurate color of the swimwear and good skin tones, as well as contrast. I tested AGFA RSX 50 and 100, Fuji Astia and Provia 100F, Kodak E100s, E100sw, EPN.

AGFA 50 nearly made it. The skin tones were very good, as were the overall color, and the suits were very nicely reproduced. I ended up using Provia 100f and Astia (for some suits and models) the color of the suits needed to be perfect and Provia did it, but he Astia skin was nicer. I hope to try the new Astia for the next caledar, to be shot in the next 2 months. E100 were crap BTW I'm glad they are gone.

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<p><i>Yes, Agfa RSX is a grainy film. There's no way around it but using a different film.</i><p>


<p><i>I think the RSX II series isn't really that good a film as it has a lot of grain.</i><p>


<p>Depends on your lab's E-6 channel. Particularly in the US, many "pro" labs seem to have optimized their E-6 chemistry to for the properties of E100 and Provia. As Agfa's rack and tank specifications for AP44 are much tigher than E6 or CR56, this seems to degrade the quality of Precisa and RSX with regards to both grain and color balance. E100G and some of the recent 100Fs have characteristics much closer to RSX, so this may change.</p>


<p>In the meantime, two of the three labs I use turn out very grainy RSX slides. Third manages to run RSX with about as much grain as Provia 100F processed at either of the other two labs. All three make most of their money from professionals shooting Fuji, but the diffences in say, an overcast mid grey sky or green bokeh in a macro photo are quite obvious with a 5x loupe.</p>

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