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Brian, could you please answer the following:


When I try to move a file into an existing folder on my homepage, the system comes back with the following error message "Problem with you input". Why can't I do this?


Why can't we upload more than one file at a time?



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Well, maybe i'm expecting too much: I can't answer that because I don't know where I started from.<p>


When I click on the above link, it takes me to a page that looks something like this: <br>



[ create folder | publish content | upload file | create file ] [ normal view | tree view ] <p>


Contents of /users/dougburgess : <br>

photonet.termite.jpg 63,065 bytes [ remove | rename | move ]

test.htm 21 bytes [ edit | remove | rename | move ] <br>


2 file(s) <p>


[ create folder | publish content | upload file | create file ] [ display settings ] <p>




Ok, that's the maintenance page showing one image file loaded and one html file loaded.


Here is my actual page: <a href="http://www.photo.net/users/dougburgess/">http://www.photo.net/users/dougburgess/</a><p>


Which looks almost the same. <p>


I'm expecting to see the image, above, but it shows up only as a link. What I would like to do is create a page something like the top rated pages where you can see a thumbnail and click to a larger image, post text, link to other pages, etc.


Is that beyond the scope of the user page?

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Your test.htm file isn't HTML and you don't have an index file in your home directory as far as I can tell.


Perhaps you need to read up on HTML? I don't know how much you know. Personal pages here are an unsupported feature, i.e. photo.net doesn't have the time or resources to debug users pages.


Normal, standard HTML works just fine.

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The homepage facility just gives you a directory on the photo.net server into which you can put 15MB of HTML, image, and other files, and our server will serve them.


The one JPEG file you have uploaded has the URL: http://www.photo.net/users/dougburgess/photonet.termite.jpg .


When a user enters the URL, http://www.photo.net/users/dougburgess,

without specifying a file, the server wants to serve a file called index.html. If you were to upload a file called that, you'd be all set. However, because the index.html file is kind of critical, the server will generate one for you if you haven't uploaded one. The generated one basically consists of your photo.net portrait (if you uploaded one) and a list of files in your homepages directory. So, if you want something that looks more like a web-site, you need to upload an index.html.


There are a lot of "site-builder" tools on the market that will create a set of HTML pages and image files for a web site. These come in all shapes and sizes. If you are knowledgable, you can also create the HTML files by hand, just using a text editor. Once you have created a set of files, you can upload the files and you have a web site.


Quite a few people have done this. Take a look at http://www.photo.net/users/jsalmones

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I've never been able to figure out the point of Publish Content. It seems to be a user interface for creating sub-directories and populating them with empty files that you then have to edit. It doesn't save you from having to know HTML. It is just about the lamest site-builder thingie I ever saw. I wouldn't bother learning it because I'll remove it eventually, if only to avoid having to answer the question, "What is 'publish content'"?
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