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Film Camera Week for July 5

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  • Well the "slacker" is back.. I haven't been idle, just slaking in posting and work flow. (developing, scanning)  I used to enjoy developing, but I must say it's getting tedious.  As I haven't been idle, I have results from multiple cameras good bad or indifferent.  I recently bought a case for USD5,00 and a camera came with it. the case was ok, but the camera was badly oxidized and looked terrible. I have cleaned it up a bit. The shutter select dial had fused to the body. Careful work with a razor blade and a toothbrush got it moving....and the shutter fires nicely..i..no naphta  quite ok.. However, I did manage to rip the film while trying to push a roll through it. the few that came out were Ok. A few months back I bought (yet another) a black Werra II. This one is sexy curved, the light meter is dead but it sat for weeks at €18,00.  I couldn't resist Mea Culpa It is in good cosmetic and working condition. The others I will name as I go along. I do think all of these were Agfa APX100 souped in Spur Acurol N. As usual they are dirty sloppy straight scans. 


I had the Helios and Jupiter 12 with me.

Neighbor's red roses  Helios


Neighbor's white roses


Vodafon Inner Campus  Jupiter 12


More Vodafon Inner Campus


I have yet to find a "home" for this...  it's always "out" so I take it often because it's there


Peek & Cloppenburg ..need a wide angle lens.. I'm standing in the tram tracks hard not to have the overhead tram cables


Someone's cool motorcycle.. marque? 


Monstrosity Medical Building  


A standard Rheinscape perspective...note the high water


Looks a lot better in the photo..


Rare side view of the Tonhalle


RF not working...quesstimation

..........To be continued...exceeded the allotted space requirement... see next post 




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Posted (edited)

.... continued from above... some (freche) contributors can't take a hint 🙂  

A few months back I bought (yet another) a black Werra II. This one is sexy curved, the light meter is dead but it sat for weeks at €18,00.  I couldn't resist Mea Culpa It is in good cosmetic and working condition. The others I will name as I go along. .................


I had ignored the Werra III for a year or four and I had yet to shot the Werra II (black) after a few months .. Didn't like The Werra III results.. too dark.. maybe the green filter?!?


The Werra III Looked cooler in the viewfinder... I think the leaks are from the cassette


The Prinzinger.. there's restaurant ($$$)  on the street level corner.. 


The waterfront...scratches and all.. 


Waiting for the Tram

The next set is from the black Werra II 


Summer foliage


Bowling Girl


I think this is a Insurance provider


I just discovered this little fountain statue.. after 20+ years ..

Errors exceed the allotted space ...AGAIN

.....To be continued next week I guess ...I can take a hint 

Oops seems all the pics I had pre-loaded are here anyway  These are from the Yashica 35








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The Topcor RE Auto 35mm f/2.8 lens can focus really close, very similar to the Flektogon 35/2.8. And the build quality of Topcor lenses are superb, even comparable to Contarex lenses. Fujicolor C200 film (Made in Japan), home developed in Bellini C41 kit.

Chinese lantern flower


Forget me not




In the shadows


In the shadows 2



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On 7/7/2024 at 7:55 PM, Mike Gammill said:

Thanks, Chuck.  Both of sons achieved rank of Eagle Scout.

That's quite a hard thing to do... You must be very proud... I was a STAR scout for many years... achieving the 10 merit badges IIRC for "LIFE" was difficult as the opportunities were not so plentiful. 
I enjoyed my scouting experience..it's' a shame that reputation has been sullied by the few, to the point ..they don't exist at all.

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Glad to know we have some members who did Philmont.  My sons will always treasure that experience.  While I wasn't a scout, as a high school senior I worked with the local troupe to help the boys earn their cycling merit badge.

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