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Film Camera Week for June 9

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Greetings, all, and welcome to our new thread.  Post all the images you like from any film camera.  I'll start with a few from a roll of Kentmere 100 that I processed and scanned yesterday.  Camera was a Minolta XE.  Lens noted in description.

More utility work.  West Point along highway 45 Alternate.  Minolta Rokkor MC 35mm f 2.8



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New business but same building.  For nearly 60 years this building was a drug store.  My family picked up prescriptions there, my dad bought film and flashbulbs for his photography (had a separate photo account) and I bought comic books.  Years later. my wife and I continued to shop there and use the pharmacy.  Last January the owners retired and sold the building.  The store and part of the name lives on as a gift shop.  A short distance to the right (but not visible here) is where my family had a camera shop from 1974 to 1993.

Same lens as previous photo.


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Some photos at the McClellan Ranch Reserve with the new French beauty Semflex and Flor 75/3.5 lens. Like most Tessars, it is sharp and contrasty when stopped down, while rendering nicely wide open. Film was Ilford FP4+ souped in F76+ 1+9.

The ranch office


The ranch tower


Ranch office and tree


A sign to the light tunnel


Twisted branch to the sky


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Reaching back into the last year again with two more cameras ... Doing two cameras/rolls helps me get caught up.   Today we will have David and Goliath. Here is a the Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 524-2 (Goliath) and the small pocketable Voigtländer Vito CS (David). The The 6x9 Ikonta has the triplet 4.5 Novar (Yellow Filtwer)  and the Vito has the 2.8 Skopar (Tessar type) .  The Ikonta has far fewer frames to choose from so I might add a few more (punches) from the Vito. As per my usual process; Foma 100 and APX100 soupled in D76 1:1. These are straight negative scans.







Ikonta Rheinpromenade 



Rheinscape Barge on the river





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Cityscape View from the Bridge [caption for previous picture] 


...continued Vito CS 




Rear of the Art Academy  (perspective correction needed)



Tonhalle - (probably posted this view before ) 


Sculpture Harmony (dedicated to poet Heinrich Heine)


Märchenbrunnen (Fairytale Fountain )


Tonahalle (fornt or side view - needs perspective control too) 


Rheinterasse (ritzy dance or event space )

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