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Nikon Z8 and Z9 AF settings --Steve Perry Video


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Steve Perry's video on his AF Z8 and Z9 settings link is below. If you might be partially color blind,  like me, pay attention to what he says about how changing colors may help you see things. My settings on my Z9:

A11 focus point display:
Manual—set to ON
Dynanmic area—set to ON
Afc—set to ON
3d-- set to white

Af 13 focus peaking. Color yellow
A15 manual focus ring in af mode. set to ON





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Ricci's video is better for new Z8, Z9 owners. I already know most of that information. I find Steve Perry's video more useful and it is must longer. I need to watch it one more time with my Z9 in hand to update some of the settings.

Incidentally, both Steve Perry and Thom Hogan's guide books for the Z8 are out. Both of them received early samples of the Z8 directly from Nikon a few weeks in advance to give them time to prepare for the guides, so did Ricci. And of course the Z8 and Z9 are very similar. Perry turns his Z9 guide into a guide for both. Since I already got his Z9 guide last year, I got an update to cover both camera at no additional cost. Thom Hogan lists his Z8 guide as a separate item so that the two are sold separately. I already have Hogan's Z9 guide, also from last year.

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