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Pextax K1000, three lenses, & teleconverter

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Selling these items for a friend who no longer uses, needs, or wants them. 1) Pentax K100 body w Pentax 50mm f/2.0 lens w lens cap & UV filter; no dings, dents, or scratches except for scratch on bottom; meter readings match those from Minolta Auto Meter IV in reflected mode w new Varta SO357 1.5 volt battery in camera (specified by Pentax); lens stops down properly at all apertures when shutter fires; front and back elements pristine; shutter speeds appear accurate. 2) Tokina 70-210 zoom lens w leather case & box; lens is pristine; no lens cap, but UV filter mounted (damaged ring, but screws on & off w no problems); zoom mechanism smooth; apertures open & close properly. 3) Pentax 135mm zoom lens; appears unused; front & rear elements pristine; lens cap; case (poor). 4) Cambron 2X teleconverter for Pentax; appears unused; box & case. 5) 49mm collapsible lens cap. I shoot B&W and would use these items, but have too many film cameras now. Not interested in selling separately.







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Note that camera is the more sought after model made in Japan as confirmed by the Asahi name on the pentaprism. See attached from digitalcamerareworld site.

"The Pentax K1000 started off with satin-chromed brass top and bottom plates and an aluminum and steel film rewind assembly, but the quality of materials changed throughout the camera’s life and by the end when it was being made in China, there were significantly more plastic parts being used. This saw the overall weight drop from 620g to 525g in its lifetime.

As you can imagine, the original Japanese-made models are the sturdier and more sought after cameras. A good trick to determine if you’re looking at an earlier model is if the ‘Asahi’ branding is present on the pentaprism - something that disappeared as the production moved away from Japan."

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to hjoseph7: Looks like you're wrong.  The serial number is on the top plate to the left of the pentaprism.  Perhaps name or SSAN was obliterated.  No inquiries on this equipment on any of the three sites on which I've posted it.  Nice camera; I will add it to my B&W film camera rotation.  Very little interest in cameras it seems.  Left word with my son to toss all cameras, negatives, slides, prints, etc in the dumpster when I cross the finish line -  Leica's & digital included.  I've found that no one is interested in my photography but me which is to be expected and is fine with me.

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