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Struggling w/ ideas for a “Farewell/Going Away” photo shoot portrait session for my friend.

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“Amateurish” photographer here. :) A friend of mine is leaving her home-state for the first time in her life. She wanted to do some “farewell” photos to remember her time in the state, but also show excitement for the future. 

She wants to do the photo shoot on her old college campus, and For props, I know she has a shirt with her new city name on it. 

I struggling coming up with original ideas for this unique photo shoot. Ha! 

Thank you so much for your help!

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If the campus has notable architecture, I'd consider placing here in front of it, or else at the entry gate if there is a plaque with the school's/campus name on it.

If she has a stuffed animal of the school's mascot yo might consider adding it to several photos with her.

If she has a bicycle, scooter, skateboard I'd include that for a smile. In any case, whatever you decide I'm sure it will be memorable for her.

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