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Need to compromise: Are there any beaches for photography AND sunning along TX Gulf coast?


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My Significant Other and I are planning a trip to the southwest in

the latter part of March. I have just been informed that "we're

NOT spending ALL our time chasing critters with the cameras". He

wants to spend two or three days on a beach somewhere along the Gulf

Coast on our way to Arizona. I figure maybe I can park him in the sand

somewhere and go look for seashells, birds, fiddler crabs, etc.

Camera gear I'll be carrying includes 35-85mm zoom, 100-300mm zoom, 2x

teleconverter, 50mm lens, and macro lens.


Suggestions on film will also be welcomed. I usually shoot Fuji Sensia

for the simple reason of price...but for this trip, I may splurge a



I've been browsing through the archives and have found all kinds of

wonderful information for the places we'll be travelling. Now to

narrow it down to someplace where we'll both be happy. Yes,

gentlemen, I've seen many posts of men who can't get their ladies

fired up about their photography obsession on their travels. Take

comfort in knowing that there is at least one case of role reversal.



Thanks - Rose-Marie

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There are numerous areas along the Texas Coast that should meet your requirements. I think the best is around South Padre at Pt.Isabel which has very nice beaches, first class accomodations and restaurants. This part of Texas is reknown for birding. There are miles of good beach privacy. Matamoros, Mex. (Brownsville,Tx) is a short distance away if you care for something International. I reccomend Garcia's just across the bridge. Good food and you can drink the water, without fear of Montezuma's Revenge.
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From North to South:


Sea Rim State Park - south of Port Arthur - great location for surf, marsh and wetlands.


Bolivar Flats - great birding location but lousy beach! This location could start a divorce!


Galveston - my least favorite beach, too many people, silty, but great for sand castles!


Surfside - next beach south, few people, not much birdlife either, so not recommended.


Matagorda Island - difficult access, check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife web page, but superb location

for wildlife and beach lovers.


Padre Island National Seashore - 60 miles of unspoilt beach but Hurricane Brett has disrupted Padre

island is several places so it may be that only the first 20 miles is accessible and then by 4 wheel drive.

Primitive camping here is simply great, wildlife superb. Take Off if the wind is off the lagoon (come to think

of it, take Off everywhere listed above!).


In general the beaches get less silty, more sandy as you go south. Flotsam is worst at North Padre due

to the convergence of currents.


Nothing wrong with Sensia/Astia, but you could also use Provia 100F.

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