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Tri-X D76 1:1 Development Questions

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I was annoyed when Kodak stopped making the smaller pouches.  I haven't done enough b/w in decades to use up a gallon of D-76 before it goes bad, especially because I always prefer using the 1:1 dilution.

So, I recently began using Film Photography Project's version of D-76... because they make it in liter/quart packages.  It seems to work identically to Big Yellow Father's.


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On 11/23/2022 at 8:44 AM, JDMvW said:

The bags for D-76 make so much developer that it usually goes bad before I use it up, so (though I always mean to do 1:1) I just use it straight. I scan after development anyhow, so adjustments are usually easier and better in digital.


The quart bag at rated capacity is four rolls of 135-36 or 120.

As noted above, you get 8 rolls at 1:1 with the extra time.

The gallon bag doesn't cost near 4x the price, though.


But now, I have Diafine, HC-110, and TMax, which I think is enough for me.


-- glen

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Question: is the replenishing D76 (3.8 litres bags) the same stuff as the D76 (1 litre) ? I mean, any differences in developing properties? Just prepared a 3.8 litres, the box said "For replenishing". The 1 litre bag does not mention anything. 

Thought to ask, anyone knows about this? Thank you !

My Minox journey continues...


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D-76 replenisher, called D-76R, says "Replenisher" in big letters.  It is different.

I have never been quite up to using one, though.

There is a formula for use, after each roll.

You pour out some amount of developer, or maybe enough was lost in the development.

Then add a specific amount of replenisher.


It is all carefully designed so that, with added development products,

and the added replenisher, it comes out about like it started.


Development adds bromide, so the original developer has some bromide,

and the replenisher doesn't.  There are formulas for converting replenisher

into developer, and some come only that way.  I suspect mostly it includes

adding bromide.


I suspect, though, it is easier to buy the right bag.

-- glen

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