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CatLABS X FILM 320 Pro now available in 35mm and 120

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4 years in the making, this film is an all new BW emulsion with a unique grain and tonal range, unlike anything you have seen before.
This is a unique emulsion, not available from another maker in another packaging.
Made with the highest quality control, this film is on par with other major film makers along with superb image quality and unique characteristics sure to make this a hit.

This film is already making its way to many retailers across the world - please tell us about your local camera store, we would love to offer them our film.

Some tech specs and highlights:

• Panchromatic film, coated on a polyester base
• CatLABS X FILM 320 is a classic, medium-speed film, designed for a wide array of shooting conditions available in 35mm and 120 roll film
• An ideal “street film”, offering versatility and unique characteristics
• Following in the footsteps of some classic historic films, CatLABS X FILM 320 is characterized by its distinct grain quality, contrast and tonal range, not found with other currently available films
• Produces unique deep grey tones with an almost silvery/metallic look
• Suitable for low light or available light conditions
• Exhibits a wide exposure latitude under various lighting conditions
• For best results rate it at 200 ISO when shooting outdoors under bright sunlight. Push it as high as 1600 when shooting under artificial/low light conditions

Processing Instructions (at 20° C) EI 320 :
D76 stock 6 min
D76 1+1 10 min
ID-11 1+1 10 min
BERSPEED 1+1 8.5 min
DDX 1+4 13 min
Pyro 510 1+100 20 min
Rodinal 1+50 19 min
Rodinal 1+25 9 min
Xtol Stock 11 min
Tmax DEV 1+4 9.5 min
Alternative processing options for contrast control, increased exposure latitude, finer grain, increased acutance:
Superfine 1+4 10 min (Notes: Temp 24° C EI 100)
Benefits: Increased exposure latitude, finest grain, moderate highlights
DDX 1+4 8 min (Notes: EI 200)
Benefits: Finer grain, increased exposure latitude
Xtol 1+1 15 min (Notes: EI 200)
Benefits: Highest acutance, moderate contrast, fine grain
HC110 1+49 10.5 min (Notes: EI 200)
Benefits: High acutance, fine grain, low contrast
Ilfosol 3 1+9 8.5 min (Notes: EI 200)
Benefits: lower contrast
Rodinal 1+25 - 17 min (Notes: EI 1600)
Benefits: Maximum speed, results unpredictable

Photos 1-2: Rodolfo Rivera (@drtunaking)

Photos 3-4: Scott Marlin (@dscottmartin)

Photo 5: CatLABS Staff






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54 minutes ago, NHSN said:

It is cool. Fair price in the US it seems. 

I followed the never ending thread on photrio for a while, but became exhausted.

I still haven't seen it available in the EU. Any hints on where to look?

Its coming, most photo stores should have it before the end of the year.

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