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UK-based lab - Peak Imaging - unfortunately ceased trading

Colin O

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I was disappointed to discover today that Peak Imaging in the UK has ceased trading. I shoot film - not much - maybe 8-12 rolls of 120 C-41/E-6 per year - but Peak Imaging has always been my go-to lab for developing and scanning. Good prices, but more importantly, always professional, efficient and reliable.


I guess the question now is... what UK processor should I switch to? Any recommendations?

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I hope you find a replacement.


My film shooting had become almost exclusively C41, and loss of local processing was a blow. I don't have adequate facilities for temperature control, so it's back to D76 for me. Here on P.net, I see that recently taken pictures on the film forums are mostly B&W.


I do still have C41 processing at my Kansas processor, but the mails have got slower and less reliable...

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I also have a 35mm Noblex camera producing negatives measuring 24 x 66mm and on top of that, I mostly shoot E-6 film in the Noblex. I've been doing a little bit of googling this afternoon, and based on these requirements (particularly the processing & scanning of panoramic E-6 film), it looks like my best (only?) option is the-darkroom.co.uk.


In case it helps anyone else, harmanlab.com and exposurefilmlab.com also look like good options, but they don't process E-6 film.

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