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Posting images in the right color space

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Most browsers are color managed these days, so in theory anything should work. That said, far fewer people can display much better than sRGB and sRGB is always recommended for web use, so I'd stick with that. Might be interesting to put up a few shots in sRGB and, say, Prophoto, to see what happens.

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FWIW, here are two images, one Prophoto RGB and the other sRGB. AFAIK, they are the same, just saved with the two profiles. When I display them in Qimage, which is correctly color managed, they look nearly identical. Checking for out-of-gamut, the Prophoto one has a bit more in the darker areas. Here, there's a substantial difference, with the Prophoto version (top) being quite exaggerated and incorrect. Best to stick with sRGB! This is not my area of expertise, so maybe others will have more insight.



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