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The Canon Elan 7e. I purchased this camera about 10 years ago to replace my beloved Canon Elan II. The Canon Elan II was my first Canon Camera and it's the Camera that got me to switch from Nikon to Canon. It was a "Chrome" AF film camera with all the bells and whistles(well almost), however it was sitll considered an enthusiast camera.


When Digital came out my Elan II was quickly shoved on shelf inside a dark, hot and humid closet where it fell apart, literally . Despite my switching to Digital, I still wanted to shoot film and even though I had 2 manual film cameras I still wanted/needed an AF film camera.


I First tried the Canon EOS3 which was a semi-pro AF film camera, but that camera was so noisy and intimidating I was hesitant to take it out. It no way matched the affinity I had for the Elan II. So after a few years and a lot of research I puchased the Canon Elan 7e from KEH. That camera stayed in my closet for years, (but this time it was protected by a weather resistant case) unless I needed to make some test to see how it worked. Back then, I thought it looked kind of plasticky and cheap and did not measure up to the Elan II.


This week while taking inventory of my photo equipment I decided to take another look. Wow, how times have changed. This is a sleek, compact and beautiful camera. It sort of has this 'Darth Vader' look with the smooth black finish. It has all the functions that the Elan II has and more except for a Lighted LCD screen and Spot Metering. Although I don't think the Elan II had Spot Metering either ?


I hate to run down all the Specs because they are all over the web. What I can say is that this camera is not much bigger than my Manual Nikon FM2 ! This is Amazing considering this camera also advances the film automatically. After the experiece with the EOS3 which like I said was extremly LOUD, this camera is almost wisper quiet which is also amazing.


Slap an 'L' series Canon lens on there and you are good to go. With the Canon "nifty-fifty" 50mm f1.8 you might forget you are even carrying something in your hands its so light. Here's a picture:.




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Thanks for the report. I find it interesting and educational



I did an almost interminable series on the EOS Canons (Partial list)


EOS 650

EOS 620

EOS 630



Kodak DCS Pro



EOS 700

EOS 5 =A2e


EF-M -


Canon EOS Elan (aka "100") - Photo.net Modern Film Cameras Forum


But I somehow didn't cover any of the Elan series until the end (the Elan 100) and that camera was kind of flaky, so not a good exemplar.. I still don't quite know what to do about them, but I do know that the only Canons i'll eventually, if ever, get to will be the D30 and D60 early digital (not to be confused with the 30D and 60D!).

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