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Photo of the Week - #11 - 11/29/21


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  • Photo of the Week is a member-run feature.
  • The photo is randomly chosen from a pool of submitted photos.
  • It is posted anonymously. If photographers wish, they may identify themselves in a comment.
  • This is not my photo.
  • Comment on and discuss the photo or any aspect of it in whatever way you choose.
  • If you wish to submit a photo, please PM me with either an embedded photo or a link to one. Include a title if you want one to appear. It will go into the pool and eventually be posted anonymously as a Photo of the Week.

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"You talkin' to me?"

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I like this photo a lot!


It's a great location with the diverging, meandering, pathway through the woods. Good contrast too between the pathway and the darker vegetation/trees. The result is a n interesting 'strong line' that draws me i9nto the photo and gives it a sense of depth.


I also like the 'judicious' and creative use of a fisheye lens in this location and from this viewpoint. The curved trees left and right provide a nice frame. I liked the photo before even noticing that it was taken with a fish-eye.:).

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