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Sunday Treat, 21st November 2021


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Great photo Rico! Dirt and grain. Nice touch cutting off the car fender, adds to the scattered accidental feeling of the scene.


Hey many thanks Eric! Here's the full-scene version, for your viewing pleasure, taken from a different angle... eye level, I guess you could say.

This town looks so lost in time. This little scene was one of many where time seems to have stopped. The shot was taken just a couple weeks ago!


This is Film Ferrania P30 film, developed in TMax developer by an internet "friend" whom I've not met in person. He's the admin for the F B Ferrania P30 page/group and volunteered to develop my P30, gratis. Maybe you know and maybe you don't but the "modern" or current P30 is made in Italy- conceived after the original P30 B&W movie film. it has a fantastic look, IMO, but can be too over the top in the wrong development processes. The P30 people created a start-up film factory from scratch and did an internet "go fund me" thing to get some money up and bring people into the fold. Theirs is a great success story.




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