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Handheld Exposure Meter


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Okay - slight change of pace. I was going to borrow an L-608 but there isn't time to learn it's use. So I will take my friend's Luna-Pro and the variable angle spot attachment. I put the correct batteries in it and zeroed the meter. My question to those who have used this set up is: how good is the spot meter attachment?


According to this, the 608 has hidden talents...Hilarious!



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Here is a situation that I normally would want a reflected, preferably spot meter:



This is a digital file taken with a Sony A7, which I was only using as a meter reference. The final film image is not with the same FOV, but I can't show it because it's not processed yet.


I'd like to expose the leaf in the middle, which is back lit by morning sun. Ideally, I'd just spot meter it, set the value to middle bright (~50% grey) and let the rest fall to shadow. With the Digital camera, I can change the exposure compensation until I get the desired exposure (-2EV), and used that setting (8/125). Since I was at home, I grabbed my Gossen Sixtomat, and in reflected mode (40 deg mode) it gave me 5.6/125 (pretty close) and in incident mode, it read ~3.5/125. If I took the Gossen out into the sun (in this case, that was ~100m from where I setup), I got an incident reading of ~6.7/125, which is pretty close, even taking into account my Sixtomat reads ~1/2 high compared to my other meters.


If I was shooting chrome, I would have spot metered it. But I shoot negatives now, and the above exposure setting is close enough.

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Danac, wow that was a long one and I admit to not reading all posts. I am interested to hear what you finally settled on. Just to add my little bit, I have used a Sekonic L-508 for years, mainly as a spot meter but also for incident and flash. However if I am just out casually I may use a Pentax spot meter (cant remember the model) or even a Weston meter if I have my fathers Leica with me. I think you mentioned money isn't the biggest issue so why not get the best you can that does everything?
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I have not used a handheld meter yet. My camera collector friend has offered to let me borrow his pristine L-608. Now that things are starting to green up here in the foothills and Rocky Mountains I may just do that soon.
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