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WB off / Ghosting CM500


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I received my first batch from my recently bought Hasselble CM500.


Here you can see them: iCloud


The wight balance is really off.


Also: the processor / scanner told me that most negatives had some sort of ghosting at the edge.


What does this mean? Light leakinga 12 back? But would this mess with the color? Or faulty film?


Thanks for the help.

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White balance is not a camera thing. You used Portra? Portra is balanced for daylight. In any other light you need to use colour conversion filters on your lens(es).

Your film could be out of date, or badly kept, too.


Ghosts in scans usualy are reflections in the scanner.


Post an image here, or in some other publicly accessible place on the internet.

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What could cause this color shifts?

Most likely fault is poor processing and/or poor scanning. Or outdated/badly-stored film.


Having said that, I've had some strange colour effects using colour-negative film at high altitude in the Alps. Maybe a UV filter might have helped? Though I'm not convinced about that. More likely it's processing/scanning/storage.


Bad exposure could also play a part. Do some frames look drastically lighter or darker than others on the actual film?


I see no evidence of a camera fault playing any part, but that can't be entirely ruled out. The fact that some frames have reasonable contrast and colour make me lean toward it not being the camera.


Expose another, fresh, roll at low altitude and in good daylight (preferably sunshine) and use an exposure meter. Then get the film processed and scanned by a (costly) professional lab. That's the only way to see what's what.

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Thanks for the input. The film should not be expired before the end of 22...unless the seller stored it badly.


I spoke to the Developper. He said I was rather on the underexposed side - the color shift in the blacks could be from that. Also setting the whitepoint for images with a lot of white is apparently difficult. But then he also said that my negatives had some weird Markings / Ghostings that are not light leaks.


Any thoughts on that? Have you seen this before?









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Also setting the whitepoint for images with a lot of white is apparently difficult

That's just BS. And the exposures look fine to me.


However, it looks as if you have a capping blind problem with your camera. There's some fogging through the viewfinder during wind-on of the film. Either that or the shutter isn't closing properly. The camera needs attention.


The fogging only appears to affect the left-hand edge of the frame. So more likely the capping blind than the shutter. The RH edge appears unaffected - meaning no excuse for poor colour or weak shadows on that edge.


Change your processor and get the camera serviced!

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Fogging outside the area covered by the film gate? Not a shutter problem.

The auxillary shutter opens from the middle, going up and down. So a problem on either left or right side only also suggests that the problem is probably not caused by the shutter.

Whatever it would be, if it would be a camera fault, it's the magazine, not the camera itself, that would need attention.

But i don't know how it could be a hardware issue, either camera or magazine. It0s something else.


My bet is that it is a processing thing. Maybe the film itself, but i do not think so.

The last sample shown is way beyond what an in-magazine fault could cause. And the 'echo' of the developed image... The strip of severly underdeveloped film across a frame, extending into the unexposed, base fog, part? Not an exposure thing.

Find a different lab.

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