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Please help me understand or at least direct me to info if there is one availabile :) I do not even know how to phrase the search request properly.

I just bought PCBuff Einstein with Buff transmitter/reciever combo. I also want to use my speedlight as a second light but I have no idea how to do it. Will I need a speedlight reciever and which one work with a Buff transmitter? Will the light have syncing problem? Are there any issues I need to anticipate? The wireless trigger system I used to use with my flash was aperture, but I lost it at one of my recent shoots and have to replace anyways.

The equipment I have is Nikon D800, SB-910

and Einstein E640


Thank you so much for your help!!!

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Yes, you should be able to use your speed light as a second light. Buff sells receivers that can be connected via a hot shoe adapter--I've done this many times with Pentax and Vivitar flashes and they work perfectly. The only issue I can see is that the Buff system won't work with TTL flash so you will have to set the SB-910 power output manually, but I have always used a flash meter anyway.
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You can do this with an optical trigger, or with a 2nd Buff receiver. Little optical triggers are possibly cheaper, but they need to be in line of sight of the main flash to be reliable.


The best use of speedlights with studio flash, IMO, is as small hair lights or kickers, placed behind the subject. A kicker, obliquely hitting the cheek or hair of a model from behind, can really give your lighting a lift. Especially if you've only got one soft main key light to work with.


The fact that you can focus a speedlight to almost a spot with its zoom function makes it a useful addition.

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