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Not all Minox are spy camera. Minox 35ML is a pocketable 35mm film

camera. There are other similar 35mm film camera, for example

Olympus X3. Film double perforated 24x36mm roll film

No doubt, Minox 35ML is a small camera, however it is not a spy camera


Minox spy camera such as Minox B, Minox C , Minox TLX use 9.5mm wide film,film format 8mm x 11 mm, about the size of finger nail

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In 2010, we travelled to The Three Gorge in China, when

stepped on the dam, I was stop by the security, their scanner

found my Minox cameras. They were afraid my cameras may

be empty and filled with expossive. I took the camera and

clicked a few shots and show them the cameras were loaded

with real film. They let us on the dam. Breath taking .

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